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Recent Publications

1. Hesin A, Kumar S, Gahramanov V, Becker M., Vilenchik M, Alexandrov I., Yaglom J., Sherman MY. A cell double barcoding system for quantitative evaluation of primary tumors and metastasis in animals that uncovers clonal-specific anti-cancer drug effects. Cancers. 2022, in press.

2. Baldan S, Meriin AB, Yaglom J, Alexandrov IM, Varelas X, Xiao J, Sherman MY. Regulation of Hippo pathway by Hsp70-Bag3 complex: Bag3 modulates YAP phosphorylation and its nuclear translocation. J Cell Sci. 2021 Dec 1;134(23):jcs259107.

3. Kumar S, Gahramanov V, Yaglom J, Patel S, Kaczmarczyk L, Alexandrov I, Gerlitz G, Salmon-Divon M, Sherman MYHomologous recombination repair creates mutations in the non-coding genome that alter Topoisomerase-1 cleavage sites & orchestrates irinotecan resistance. bioRxiv 2021.11.26.470089; doi: Online ahead of print.

4. Patel S, Kumar S, Baldan S, Yaglom J, Sherman MY. Cytoplasmic proteotoxicity regulates HRI-dependent phosphorylation of eIF2a via Hsp70-Bag3 module. iScience 2022, in press

5. Gahramanov V, Oz M, Aouizerat T, Salmon-Divon M, Rosenzweig T, Gorelick J, Drori E, Sherman MY, Lubin R.B. Effects on mammalian cell transcriptome reveal a plant extract's medicinal properties: Potential anti-COVID-19 and anti-cancer properties of Sarcopoterium spinosum.  DOI: 10.21203/ Online ahead of print.

6. Sherman MY, Gabai V.J The role of Bag3 in cell signaling. (2021) J Cell Biochem. Jul 23. doi: 10.1002/jcb.30111. Online ahead of print.

7. Walunj D, Thankarajan E, Prasad C, Tuchinsky H, Baldan S, Sherman MY, Patsenker L, Gellerman G Targeted methylation facilitates DNA double-strand breaks and enhances cancer suppression: A DNA intercalating/methylating dual-action chimera Amonafidazene. (2021) Eur J Med Chem. Aug 31;225:113811. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmech.2021.113811. 

8. Igwebuike C, Yaglom J, Huiting L, Feng H, Campbell JD, Wang Z, Havasi A, Pimentel D, Sherman MY, Borkan SC. Cross organelle stress response disruption promotes gentamicin-induced proteotoxicity. (2020) Cell Death Dis. 11:217.

9. Narayanan A, Meriin A, Andrews JO, Spille JH, Sherman MY, Cisse II. A first order phase transition mechanism underlies protein aggregation in mammalian cells. (2019) Elife.  8: e39695.

10. Meriin AB., Narayanan A., Meng L., Alexandrov IM., Varelas X., Cissé II., Sherman MY. Hsp70-Bag3 complex is a hub for proteotoxicity-induced signaling that control protein aggregation. (2018) Proc.Nat.Acad.Sci.,115:E7043-E7052.

11. Yaglom JA., Wang Y., Li A., Li Z., Monti S., Alexandrov I., Lu X., Sherman M.Y. Cancer cell responses to Hsp70 inhibitor JG-98: Comparison with Hsp90 inhibitors and finding synergistic drug combinations. (2018), Sci. Rep. 14:3010-3016.

12. Belostotsky R., Lyakhovetsky R., Sherman MY., Shkedy F., Tzvi-Behr S., Bar R., Hoppe B., Reusch B., Beck BB., Frishberg Y. Translation inhibition corrects aberrant localization of mutant alanine-glyoxylate aminotransferase: possible therapeutic approach for hyperoxaluria (2018) J.Mol.Med, 96:621-630.

13. Ragozin E., Hesin A., Bazylevich A., Tuchinsky H., Bovina A., Shekhter ZT., Oron-Herman M., Kostenich G., Firer MA, Rubinek T., Wolf I., Luboshits G., Sherman MY, Gellerman G. New somatostatin-drug conjugates for effective targeting pancreatic cancer. (2018) Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 26:3825-3836.

14. Kolosova NG., Kozhevnikova OS., Telegina DV., Fursova AZ., Stefanova NA., Muraleva NA., Venanzi F., Sherman MY., Kolesnikov SI., Sufianov AA., Gabai VL., Shneider AM. p62 /SQSTM1 coding plasmid prevents age related macular degeneration in a rat model. (2018) Aging (Albany NY). 28:2136-2147.

15. McFarland C.D.*, Yaglom J.A.*, Wojtkowiak J.W., Scott J.G., Morse D.L., Sherman M.Y.**, Mirny L.A.** Passenger DNA alterations reduce cancer fitness in cell culture and mice models (2017) Cancer Research, 77(18):4763-4772

16. Athanasiou D., Aguila M., Opefi A.D., South K., Sherman M.Y., Reeves P.J., Cheetham M.E. Rescue of mutant rhodopsin traffic by metformin-induced AMPK activation accelerates photoreceptor degeneration. (2017) Human Mol.Genet. 15;26(2):305-319.

17. Gabai VL, Yaglom JA, Wang Y, Meng L, Shao H, Kim G, Colvin T, Gestwicki J, Sherman MY. Anticancer Effects of Targeting Hsp70 in Tumor Stromal Cells. Cancer Research. 2017 Oct 15; 76(20):5926-5932. PMID: 27503927. 

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